The Sleepless Survival Plan

What price would you pay for a good night's sleep?

"I was so happy with Kathryn's Sleep Success Action Plan. Everything was explained to me so clearly. Kathryn gave me the security and confidence to start a healthier sleeping pattern with Ava. She gave me total reassurance, strength and hope that we could start sleep coaching in a way that suits our family. Within just 4  weeks Ava went from being up every couple of hours to sleeping through the night and it feels so nice to have our evenings back. She deserved a magic wand and some wings" Amy, Mum to Ava and Esme

1 x Sleep Success Analysis & Assessment

2 x Video Calls

1 x Personalised Sleep Success Action Plan

Daily email or messenger support

How does it work?

This 2 Week Programme is your chance to receive 1 to 1 support from Kathryn so that your family can start having the sleep you all deserve.

You enter the programme feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, however after working closely with Kathryn, you feel ready and reassured to start taking the steps towards a better night sleep. 


Leave with a detailed and personalised action plan to put into place for your family



Understand Kathryn's six step process to getting your family more sleep

Feel inspired and ready to take action to improve your family's sleep as soon as possible

Come away with clarity and confidence that you are ready to implement your action plan with your little Sleep thief so that you can wake up feeling refreshed ready for the day

The Sleepless Survival Plan

As a previous insomnia suffer, mum to Oliver a former sleep thief and now a qualified Family Sleep Consultant, Kathryn provides you with the solution to getting yourself and your baby more sleep

Meet your Family Sleep Consultant

"Having been at one my lowest points when experiencing our son's sleep challenges first hand, I feel extremely passionate to help other sleep deprived parents to gain the life changing results we did from sleep coaching"

Kathryn Stimpson, Mother of a Former Sleep Thief

You are currently more than likely  feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to turn. After the call you leave feeling confident and inspired to take action

Invest to enjoy better sleep now!

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