What price would you pay for a good night's sleep?

“We received such professional and fabulous support working with Kathryn. Since working together, we have been left with a little boy who generally sleeps through the night. My husband and I have got our evenings back, we are nicer to each other and have both been able to be more productive at work due to getting more sleep”

- Rosie

You start The Sleepless Survival Plan desperate for a good night’s sleep yet doubtful that there is a way to reach it. However, after working together for 2 weeks, you complete the plan with a sense of confidence and reassurance that you now have the tools you need to improve your family’s sleep. 

What are the results?

Come away with clarity and confidence that you are ready to implement your action plan with your little Sleep thief so that you can wake up feeling refreshed ready for the day

The Sleepless Survival Plan

As The Family Sleep Coach, previous insomnia sufferer and mum to Oliver The former sleep thief, I provide you with the solutions to getting your family better sleep.

Meet The Family Sleep Coach

“Having been at one of my lowest points when experiencing our son’s sleep challenges, I feel extremely passionate to help you to gain the life-changing results we did from sleep coaching”

- Kathryn Stimpson, Mother of a Former Sleep Thief

Discover your next steps to getting you and your family sleeping through the night.

This is your chance to work closely with me so that you have my guidance and support when sleepless nights are taking their toll. 

The Sleepless Survival Plan

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